Why not? A fantastic terrace in the bedroom (or on the roof)


A dream today on the blog, or not? That is, a terrace, equipped as a living room, dressed in textiles as if it were an extension of the bedroom, in an urban environment that is sure to become magical at night, when the lights of nearby buildings light up like candles (because see the stars is beautiful, but it is not possible in a city center, which has many other advantages). Just in case, a garland of lights runs through it and ensures fantastic evenings and dinners, roasting sardines or lamb chops. I would like to be inspired if yours is wasted, if you have a rooftop (even if it is shared, talk to your neighbors who are sure they like the idea) but you are too lazy to climb, if the summer in the house causes you hives. Some outdoor textiles, such as plastic rugs, furniture that requires little maintenance and plants prepared to withstand strong winds and an intransigent sun are sufficient.

From this terrace I like its contemporary style, simple lines and plants with little maintenance, almost desert and rough, but that’s why sculptural. The color, used with measure but without fear, what about those chairs in green grass and the cushions in a rabid yellow? A decoration that seems thought without effort, but that is deeply useful, as evidenced by the fact of composing a sofa with storage underneath (perfect to hide the cushions in bad weather), and strategically include plants that avoid the eyes of the neighbors.

Imagine all the wonderful moments that you can provide. The cities are full of empty roofs, painted with waterproof rubber paint, with that characteristic red color. That is why it may be necessary to create areas with carpets, wooden pallets or gravel. If you combine everything in reddish tones, with clay pots, it can be simply spectacular.

Only that, spring is here and we have to prepare to enjoy. In the one of the images I only miss that they create a zone to cook, and that they include a table a little bigger. I imagine it as the perfect place to barbecue with your partner, family or friends.

Do you have any project on mind? It would be great to comment … here, or in networks 🙂

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