Vintage and decoration of the good at home by Naomi Watts


I think I’ve said everything in the title; the rest is already enjoying with the images of the impressive loft of Naomi Watts in Manhattan. Since she was a little girl accustomed to traces and craft shops, it is clear that Naomi’s mother, fond of beautiful things and with a soul, knew how to transmit to her daughter the pleasure of surrounding herself with furniture with personality in fantastic interiors, and within reach of stars like her. Saving the differences (sometimes a bit insurmountable, I admit) of your space with that of any of us, there are some ideas that we can and should rescue from your home. From the combination of textures: wood, leather and brass for a warm but not weary interior, to the windows with panels, beautiful to be devoid of curtains, blinds or any impediment for the exterior to conquer the interior, everything in this loft is remarkable .

The two areas of the room, marking different uses, are usually unreachable, for reasons of space. The velvet sofas, on the other hand, are not. Have you seen something more sophisticated / appetizing than a velvet sofa? Put one in your life at the voice of ya! (and sorry if it’s not velvet, in the image, at least, it seems).

More leather, in cognac color and on a double-sided sofa (I think Naomi loves that to turn her back, because it’s the second time that structure is repeated in the same room). A ten to the low shelves that run longitudinally through the living room, and to the double desk bookcase for their children. The black and white of the living room carpet, which always triumphs, is repeated in the checkered fifties of the kitchen, a mixture of American dinner with industrial aesthetics

The project, by Ashe + Leandro , deserves to be followed closely. Thanks Naomi, you’ve got it!

Images: AD Mexico .

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