Two very modern neutral bedrooms + bonus: the rest of the apartment does not disappoint


I have been wanting to show you these two bedrooms, which are part of an apartment in neutral tones, sober but not boring, thanks to the many details and touches of color here and there (especially in the living room). What I liked is the extra dose of comfort that, as you can see, crowds throughout the house: upholstered headboards, fluffy cushions with contrast prints, plaids, new upholstered chairs and attention! a small sofa as bench in the dining room, proving that it is possible to have multifunctional furniture that gives more versatility to small spaces.

The tables in bedroom one are the same, but the symmetrical scheme has been broken with the black and white sheets resting on the headboard. In the bedroom that is under these lines, however, a ceiling light placed at the height of the table completes the height it does not have while, on the other side of the bed, a round mirror and an original high table delimit a toilet area.

In the bathroom we are left with the exempt bathtub, a plus of style, and we can not forget to name the classic tiles of 20×20 cm. in white. They are not new, although they throw a little light to the lovers of the subway tiles; here they have been placed interspersed so that they no longer show the classic grid pattern of these tiles.

No more problems, have repeated tiles in the kitchen (personally I would have inclined to another solution, since the kitchen is open to the living room, and especially being as it is a contemporary style but very careful, I think they are not the best material there (how about a glass on the countertop, and the upper area of ​​the same color as the rest of the room? Or how about a white marble with few gray streaks all over the wall?).

Do you join the neutrals at home?

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