Traditional essence and a lot of design in a few meters: apartment in Barcelona


At last! After several weeks without being able to update the blog to link problems with my computer, my connection and my keys, respectively, I am very happy to return to the most pleasant routine that exists, which is to share with you some decorative findings that, under my point of sight, they are sufficiently attractive and, above all, inspiring when it comes to reforming or redecorating any space. This is the case with this Barcelona apartment, in which the owners have been able to respect the essence, the bones of the house, and have ended up taking them to a decorative universe in which contemporary design is at home.

And at ease is not a literal expression in this case because, even without knowing the actual measurements of the apartment, it does not seem to have more than 80 square meters, more or less, but the sense of spaciousness and brightness makes the images transmit air. In the living room, for example, all the storage has been placed in a white custom furniture that occupies a whole wall. Without handles, it melts completely without filling the space. Only the important decorative details are visible, but not the objects that, in the end, would be able to load the view. On the other wall there is a white half-height plinth, while the rest shows the original brick of the house. They have also respected the wooden beams and the traditional style of carpentry.

Since the original hydraulic pavement was damaged, a floor mat was created, also hydraulic, recreating the style of the one that had the house. At the entrance, a unique bank in the shape of a kayak welcomes you.

Special mention deserves all the lighting of the home: from classics such as the standing lamp by Serge Mouille in the living room, or the contemporary Portuguese editor Delightful, who signs the black lamp in the dining room. Brass, black, or smoked glass are the strokes of color and strength in every corner of the house.

Thank you for continuing to read the blog, and for your thousands of visits during this absence. We continue!


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