The Nordic style for children: user manual


I have called it manual but the truth is that the instructions are very simple. If you want to create a children’s space inspired by the emphatic Nordic style, bear in mind, first of all, that the contrasting colors are the kings in this type of decoration: black and white, sometimes adorned with some neutral like gray, or with the vitality of a fluorine color, they are the basis of everything. And, from there, furniture with very simple lines lacquered in white, or natural pine wood.

Look for the support of large prints of very simple geometric figures, such as polka dots, half moons, triangles, etc. And always, always, think about the children (well, I’m talking about Nordic style but this is adaptable, and necessary, whatever your style): hangers to your height to hang clothes, or costumes, space to store games and books, and to read them (teepee or tipi, is ideal, do not you think you can find tipis in the online store of tothewild )

By the way, if this weekend you are in Barcelona, ​​or you have the chance to get close to the city, it would be great to find us at Singulares Inventory Room. And who says find us find the cushions and vinyls with drop shape Boho Deco Chic , childish proposals, sweetest impossible, La Factoría Plástica , the illustrations of Apanona , or all the accessories, of course, Nordic Style .

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