The most luminous black kitchen


I return to the blog after many festive events and also after a fire that has had us in suspense for several days. Far from seeing everything black (as in the kitchen that illustrates this post that, by the way, is fantastic), I see everything of an intense green hope, not because of the misfortune, which has been very great, but because it could have been much worse . The work that all professionals and volunteers have done to extinguish the Jávea fire and prevent it from reaching the homes is absolutely impressive. And, in fact, after a two-day eviction, those who were able to return confirmed the same thing: that the houses were saved. The landscape and the surroundings have suffered a lot, and I hope that soon a reforestation plan can be put in place. The prospect of losing every corner of the house, as you can imagine, has not been pleasant at all.

But let’s go with the post. A black kitchen, why not? Without going any further, mine combines white with black and I have no complaints about brightness. Nor is it because of the high ceilings of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Institute, converted into houses, where it is located, or because of the huge windows and that Nordic custom as ideal and exportable as not covering the entrances of light with curtains, trying to catch every ray Sun.

Look at three more details: on the one hand, the contrast of the straight lines of the easels of the table with the characteristic curves of the Thonet chairs:

Secondly, in the styling of the table: glass bottles, pheasant feathers and small sculptures. Delicious!

And, third, a wonderful blue velvet night sofa next to the kitchen. All my respect and admiration for these brave!


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