The most elegant kitchen


And the most attractive, and the most integrated in the room, and the most surprising, … the truth is that I lack attributes to define such a space. Definitely, “The most elegant kitchen” falls short. From the matte finish that blends with the tone chosen to paint the wall (a very useful resource for small spaces, kitchens in a common environment such as an office, or open kitchens in apartments sharing zoning with the living room) to-and above all- reach the parapet in gold leaf. Without too much height, not to be totally superb, but with enough to avoid splashing and perfectly fulfill its function. Everything, everything, in favor of a kitchen of very simple but overwhelming structure. Doors without handles, faucets in gold, to match the contrabarra, a peninsula flown for breakfast. The wooden floor, with a very wide lama, follows the sober line marked by the kitchen furniture.

What do you think? This goes straight to my drawer of inspirational images of reference, that is, to my kitchen panel on Pinterest .

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