The kitchen with definite island


If, in any house, the kitchen ends up becoming the center of operations, imagine that, in addition, the kitchen is presided over by a central island. Imagine that this central island kitchen has ample storage space, a square work surface, giant, and four stools to use from breakfast to dinner. Perfect, right?

It’s the kitchen of Laura Butler-Madden , interior designer and blogger. We can not deny that the space exudes charm without ceasing to be very practical. Obviously, a kitchen with an island of this size needs square meters to be able to shine with all splendor, to allow circulation around the island and to be comfortable to all who use it. They have succeeded in eliminating partitions and creating an open space that includes kitchen, dining room and living room, all in the same color range and using different materials but perfectly complementary to each other. Look at the table, with twelve chairs, perfect for large families and for very sociable families who love having guests.

I’m left with a few details that provide: on the one hand, art in the kitchen, with a large abstract painting that focuses the attention of one of the sides. On the other hand, a classic kitchen, I think it’s an AGA, who does not love it? Third (in the image above) a kitchen sill that does not rise more than forty centimeters, what is necessary to avoid splashing and protect the wall. The rest, with smooth paint, allowing to change the color every so often to reinvent the space. We all know that from time to time we have to do it, for the pleasure of renewing.

A little strange is, however, that there is no (at least not in sight) no system of smoke extraction in the kitchen. I do not know, probably when they have to grill sardines they do it on the terrace 😉

More interesting things: marble. An authentic beauty whose vein reproduces again in the wall picture. On the island, the marble is much wider, it is expanded and gives a feeling of precious solidity.

Although the exam period has not yet arrived, I give Laura a 10. For you, what does a kitchen of ten have to have?

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