The ideal design in an apartment of 32 m2


When we talk about living in 32 square meters, it automatically comes to mind the idea that it must have been necessary to give up many things, much habitability, for lack of space. After seeing the images of this small apartment whose designers (Bicker Design, from Melbourne) have named Canning Cottage, we are sure to get rid of that preconceived idea that you can not live well in a few meters.

The apartment, which has won a prestigious interior design award (Interior Design Awards of Australia in 2018), shows a completely studied compartmentalization, which divides it at the entrance, with kitchen and dining room, living room with fireplace and, after the dividing wall, locates the bedroom with dressing room and bathroom.
This very efficient distribution plays with several tricks, but I prefer the two main ones. In a small space, it is better not to show everything that the house has to offer in a single glance. It may seem a priori that putting walls when there is a shortage of meters is not a good idea, but it is if we consider that we create different zones, we discover them little by little and, which is equally important, we assign a function to each place and solving housing needs.
In each of the spaces or areas has been taken into account, for example, the necessary storage, as in the kitchen, with a double high furniture, or in the dressing room, which has a piece of furniture with more than one function, which serves at the same time as a bench, shelf and that has drawers in the lower part.

Logically, the furniture must adjust to the possibilities of space (which we already see are many), eliminate everything superfluous and be quite imaginative. At the time of approaching the

Of course, living in small spaces is a constant exercise of skill, to store and above all not to accumulate. In occasional homes or second homes there is no doubt that this scheme works. You can have everything in a mini-apartment!

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