The delicious space of a creator of children's spaces (and two ikea hacks)


When I was preparing the room that now belongs to my daughters, and that I have already transformed from its original conception (you know, they are growing and what seems fit for a baby is soon outdated) one of my main sources for the search of Inspiration, if not the main one, was Joni’s blog, Lay Baby Lay. When now, a few years later, I discovered your house, I could not help but share it with all of you. I recognize that I do not feel one hundred percent reflected in his style, as a global style for the whole house, but I do fall utterly exhausted before certain corners of, above all, the spaces he destines for his girls. Coincidences of life, we lead parallel lives in that sense, and we both have two girls. For that reason, the corners are sweet, syrupy and dreamers, but they are also full of ideas. Moreover, I invite you to look for a couple of good “ikea hacks”, that is, product transformations that are on sale in the Swedish giant to adapt them to the personality and decoration of each house.

Have you seen it already, right? I think the use of copper spray to paint the supports of the shelves of the salon, right in the upper images, is very successful. And, right down here, the Bekvam Ikea grocer, a fantastic way to place books in a nursery because, as we all know, a cover is much more attractive than a spine, and seeing the cover of a story encourages much more to read . In addition, the front lath prevents books from falling forward. We talked about the Bekvam grocer in this blog post.

The mini Thonet in two tones, the copper coat rack for costumes …. Love them! And I also love his way of introducing art in a children’s room.

Very suggestive, right? If you are preparing a children’s room (and not so childish, because your eye to combine the color I would say that it has no age), you can not stop going through Lay Baby Lay , Joni’s blog. Their style-boards are completely unmissable.

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