The bohemian and folk children's bedroom that you would like for you

With a little (just a little bit in advance) I have been forced to welcome spring. Have you ever seen a profusion of spring optimism of this kind? I am impressed with the bedroom that Molly Guy (Aka Stone Fox Bride ) has created for her two daughters – very small, in fact -. I find the ideal bedroom to grow in a festive, bohemian, fully colorful and not childish at all. Or childish yes, but infantiloid no. Do not misunderstand me, I love children’s environments, but I also like that a space (if you do not get bored before) can grow with the children, and be a suggestive space.

What do you tell me about the sheep rug that looks like an authentic watercolor? I do not know if I am ready to try diys that include gradients, various colors and carpets, but it is well worth trying.

On the other hand, the mix so attractive is achieved with imagination and following the style of the rest of the house. A pink Moroccan pouffe, a curtained denim fabric curtains, or a mobile made with branches and wool pompoms (another perfect idea to give as a gift), make it a very inspiring room.

Some time ago I wrote a post about the Kura bed of Ikea , because it is a bed for children with a multitude of possibilities, and that clears the space below to quickly turn it into a reading corner. Surely the one that appears in this post, customized with scraps of wallpaper, the left over wall paper, is the ideas easier to reproduce at home; I think it perfectly complements the opposite wall, flooded by the wallpaper mural, the true protagonist of the room.

Et voilà, as I was saying, under the bed magically appears an extra space, adapted to the size of the smallest, and that works like your little cabin, your corner of reading and secrets. Here continues the bohemian and folk fury: ethnic pillows with stuffed cushions, teddy bears and a soft carpet on which to sit to read. I suppose you have not missed the Beni Ouarain carpet in the bedroom, which comes to show us once again that there is nothing to prevent placing them in a children’s room.

Now that spring begins, what if we rethink what things are and how should they be?

Images: Domino

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