Simple Christmas with paper decorations (and a touch of unexpected color)

Well, at this point in November we can say that the ban has been opened to talk about Christmas . In fact, in many chains and a few weeks ago they have taken the issue, whether in Christmas decoration, wishlists of gifts or newsletters that begin to overwhelm. That is not my intention, and I confess that sometimes Christmas, or any date imposed on the calendar with such emphasis, saturates me before hours. Peeeero, there is always a but, and when I find inspiring images of Christmas decoration I usually can not resist sharing them.
If your Christmas is simple but impactful, if you prefer trend details, without overwhelming, and you get the easy Christmas decorations, the Christmas decorations to make yourself, review these images carefully, pure and delicious inspiration:

From the palette of decorative color, which starts from the rosewood and goes through the raspberry to reach the oil gray, to the compositions, everything radiates freshness in an unconventional Christmas decoration. Christmas ornaments in honeycomb paper in the form of small trees or pendants for the tree, and Christmas decoration in origami .

If you want more ideas to make your Christmas decorations on paper, do not miss this post


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