Scandinavian Christmas: keys to a monochromatic and minimalist decoration


December 1st!!! All right!!! More than the kickoff of Christmas shopping, which meant the Black Friday, what I like is the kick-off of the Christmas decoration. I have to confess, however, that the Christmas tree has been with us since this weekend and the nativity scene since last week. Of the chocolates of the Advent calendars, I better not speak.

Since I have girls, the Christmas decoration at home is quite colorful; In short, they are the ones who enjoy more placing and appreciating later, so at home the Christmas decoration is made to measure for the girls. That is why, when I find images like this house, with a sober decoration based on a palette of gray, white and black, and with washed wood and steel as main components, I understand that the decoration goes in harmony but I love it and it stops me in equal parts.

Why are you slowing me down? Because I basically find that lack of warmth in some places. The lack of color and typical Christmas glitters are supplemented with candles and natural fir, a beautiful combination that, however, gives me the feeling that I could be all year.

Scandinavian and minimalist Christmas flee from unnecessary ornaments and the natural predominates. That is deeply logical and also very harmonious, the Christmas decoration flows throughout the house without breaking the balance in any case. Still, I can only miss something red, also very Nordic. In short, something of color.

I am sure that, if I opt for a sober Christmas decoration, also economic, of course, but above all so minimalist and natural, I would leave it until March peacefully. Then I would exchange spruce for other branches; In the end, the decoration in these parties is based on giving warmth and some tradition. The format and applications are already something for everyone.

Nordic Christmas or full color? Do you need to see some brightness to feel that

Are you decorating for Christmas?

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