ROOM TOUR: last changes in the bedroom

Without stopping I am making changes in the house, to move things, to incorporate furniture and other pieces and, although I want, the truth is that I am not so fast turning them into a post. I need a little bit of agility to prepare the session, take the pictures and finish showing them here. That’s why I realized that I think I have not shown you my bedroom as it is now. Yes I did at the beginning of moving to this house; after the reform we did not have more budget for pieces like the headboard, and I improvised one whose main purpose was to protect the wall from the scratches of the bed base (which was placed several years, in fact) and that cost me very little to do (it is still one of the most viewed posts of the blog, you can reread it by clicking here ).
Well, after a trip to Morocco, I got my dear bedspread handira, which is now the headboard of the bed, replacing the polystyrene plates that I spoke to you a moment ago. Actually, it remains a tad narrow, because the bed is 180 cms., But I still love it; has a point between chic and traditional very attractive to me (in this post, click here , you have more ideas with these traditional Moroccan quilts, woven as a gift for the bride before the wedding).
The handira is stone colored, and has silver sequins. This combination of colors and textures allows you to combine it with a lot of neutral colors, but also add color. For me, the neutrals should be on large surfaces, such as the curtains, which are a steely gray color, or the bed, which I always wear in white. In relation to the bed, I show you the latest addition to the bedroom: a mattress protector , curl, very cool (and that fits perfectly to thick mattresses like mine, which is quite a find), and some embroidered sheets, 100% combed 180 thread cotton, a real luxury when it comes to sleep. Both are from Burrito Blanco , a brand with a long history, which always gives a lot of confidence. I love the embroidered stripe of the sheets and the freshness of the cotton, that starched point that has the spinning with such a plot. I am unable to sleep with artificial fibers, much less in summer, when the most pleasant thing I can imagine are some sheets like these.
In front of the bed we have a long dressing table finished in oak, with two braided stools by Zara Home and two table lamps, with feet by Maisons du Monde and yellow lamp shades that I bought in a thrift store. I’ve always liked to play with symmetry, you see everything very neat, but right now we have a TV there spoiling the composition (and also, we never start up). Some time ago I made some paintings for this corner, but I ended up giving them away (they were geometric, you can see them in this post about how to make your own paintings ).

In front of the terrace door, I placed a single gray and white striped curtain fall in wild silk. It is touching the ground, I never quite know the ideal height for a curtain because they all have their pros and cons, but I recognize that I like touching the ground.

Another corner of the room is the sofa, which is seen slightly in the image. It is a sofa of the 70s in caramel color. It was my grandmother’s, besides I love it, it reminds me of her, so I could not do without him. In front, a tall cane table, with the upholstered bench, serves as a trunk for our constant comings and goings at the weekend.

It is a bedroom of a house very close to the sea, so, although elegant, I wanted it to be uncomplicated and easy to live, a coastal look a bit renewed, that was my intention to address it, although the truth is that gone decorating little by little, according to findings :-).

And here you have a full view of the bedroom, with Habitat mirror tables, and ceramic lamps pierced. They were table lamps, but we transformed them into suspension lamps by placing them on the ceiling, on both sides of the bed, freeing the space on the tables, which are not too big, nor do I like to see them too full ;-).

Yellow, silver, beige, gray and caramel may seem a risky combination, but I think it works and especially because the white of the Burrito Blanco sheets (you can find this model on its website, click here ), attenuates the intensity of the mixture of colors and works as it is, the perfect neutral.

Et voilà! So far the tour of my bedroom. If it has inspired you in any project that you have in mind, comment !!

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