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Good Morning! Today you will forgive me to leave a little later, and that is the post I’m finishing right now in the morning. This year I have not yet started with the Christmas decoration. The truth is that I want to make ornaments and different corners, but I have not decided to make an idea in particular. Looking for inspiration for my house, I have come across these 4 DIY simple Christmas and results.

All at a very low price and with a great surprise. I could not do some of them, like paper stars with gifts inside, basically because I do not have a sewing machine (a little thing that I’m looking forward to!), But maybe that DIY can be done with a “Japanese” sewing with thread thick and equal or more than beautiful.

Happy festive Tuesday … A for the DIY !!

To make this Christmas gift star DIY , we need: black, white and brown kraft paper, sewing machine / needle and thread, star template , scissors, confetti.

The steps:

1 / We are looking for a star template that we like. We print!

2 / We must trim 2 stars with scissors for each one of the packages. One for each side

3 / With the sewing machine we close the sides of the star. At the end, we introduce the confetti and the gift and close the last side

All ready!

Christmas terrariums are beginning to be a classic. The truth is that yesterday I was about to bring me a few balls from a bazaar, but since I want a DECO really low cost, only the balls cost me € 25 and it seemed too much. I have too many clutter at home and I do not want to spend more money on accumulating!

That’s why I’ve decided on something else. But if you cheer up, you will need: yarn, silicone gun, artificial snow, miniature trees (they have them in very cute Tiger!), Miniature deer (also in Tiger or in Very Much) and glass terrariums (or methacrylate balls) of the bazaars).

1 / We paste the elements that we want in each ball with the silicone

2 / We add some artificial snow

3 / Finally, we hang them with the thread that best suits us.

All ready!

The slate rotus are giving us a lot of play. In DIY Christmas and other things! Creating ornaments with paper and rotus is lifelong, but in this new version the truth is that I love them! We need: ruler, stamps, black ornaments, pencil or white marker.

1 / We print the form that we like and use it as a template on black card. We can use other materials a little thicker if we want to give them more consistency.

2 / We think about the “motive” or drawing we want to do and practice a little before launching. The lines, squares and geometric patterns can work great!

3 / We cut a hole for adornment and suspend them with a rope. For the tree, for a Christmas corner, to decorate the gifts … A simple idea that can succeed!

Everything ready!

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