Nordic housing full of details

You know this beautiful garland of lights that is hanging over the windows of the living area, in the living room of this Nordic dwelling ??? It sounds to you, right ?? And we do not stop seeing it in a thousand Scandinavian houses … Ains, love of the good! Well I have to tell you that recently, very little, that I have done with mine and I can not wait to show it to you. It has been turning it on and ohhhh … !!! In fact, in instagram I published a picture with her days ago (and most happily, hear!). By the way, I bought it at half the price of what are usually worth the Nordic brand (do not say more!).

We go with the house, I mess up. This apartment, with one bedroom, continuous spaces (without becoming a completely open house) and a lot of white, I love it. Full of details, I think what captivates me the most is how they have taken advantage of every square meter . We know that Nordics are clear when decorating with imagination, but it is seeing their houses, when you realize the things that can really be done with little thing (a painted board serves as a table for the corner of the machine sew under the sale … You will not deny me that it is not perfect!).

Anyway … I hope you like the images 🙂

Good Saturday!


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