Nordic floor: art is on the walls

The life of blogger, in many occasions, has brought me a thousand positive things. However, for my house (although it is true that now I do more DIY and I put special effort to create beautiful corners and capture those everyday moments with spark, blessed Instagram) these last years have been a non-stop to be upside down.

Ok, yes, we all like to change the furniture on site. But with limits. Note that it is not a New Year’s purpose, or anything, because I know in advance that I have the lost battle, but I do want to “organize” and leave “finished” some other space (especially those that have been “half-baked” because I’ve placed another one for blog photos). Well, that, I want to start the house a little.

The walls (that not only the rooms) have “suffered” my DIY cravings and the photos theme … What if “hang easy”, what if tape paste, washi … Etc. I need to paint some, and “dress them” . I could choose paper, or, create some pattern, use vinyl, I do not know … Today there are many options. However, what I really want is to make one (or several) compositions of paintings. It’s something I can easily “pick up” in case I need the wall to take pictures and, besides, the easy hang-ups leave me free to change the deco when I get tired.

So in these rainy days, I searched for beautiful houses with many paintings on the walls. With compositions of plates, art, different materials and ideas. Today I leave this Nordic apartment with 3 rooms, full of light and plenty of space. Stays where the white is the protagonist, and the frames of the walls are everywhere.

In case you also want to redecorate a bit.

Good Saturday!


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