Nordic apartment, #Nordic Christmas

I can not tell you how many details I fall in love with this house , because I would not finish writing in a good time … And you would get bored! It does not matter if it is decorated for Christmas, as in the images, or I imagine it for the rest of the year, without decorations, because I think it is beautiful in any way.

For starters, it has a gray base, which makes me fall in love. They say that gray is a cold tone, but I see this interior full of textures, wool, soft blankets and carpets of hair, and I do not stop feeling warmth in the skin. Candles, and warm lighting (are not ideal points of extra light in the dining room?) They bring a touch of originality to the set.

In addition, the moldings and high ceilings of this hundred-year-old Oslo building complete the set and frame a decoration full of charm.

Good bridge!


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