Nordic apartment: light and good views

We entered 2016 at full speed, and not to lose the habit, with Nordic decoration in black and white … An apartment with a few meters, but with very bright spaces. Those kitchen windows are love of the good. It is true that this house has a lot of natural light (in addition, the building has an incredible terrace and impressive views on the roof), however, I also fall in love with lighting work, with so many extra points well thought out (you know that the light punctual is my real weakness!).

Simple decoration, but not least bonitista. Lots of open furniture and shelves. Ok, I give you the reason, it is less “clean”, but at the level of economic investment, practicality (everything by hand and sight) and aesthetics, it has no competition.

A well thought out and very cozy apartment …

Do not you agree?

Good Saturday!


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