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Hello everyone!! Today it is a joy to share this post, because it means that we are moving forward and little by little Deliving is growing with new products designed and produced by us by hand.

It is a pleasure to present you

  our new product  

  ceramic cup with wooden plate

ergonómica para que se adapte al uso que va a tener, cálida, que nos transmita la necesidad de hacer una parada y disfrutar de un té, un caldo… Por eso no tiene asa, para poder abrazarla y calentarnos las manos con ella, mimarla y saborear el momento. But we have not wanted to make a cup without more, but a cup that makes you want to hold it in your hands, ergonomic so that it adapts to the use you are going to have, warm, that conveys the need to make a stop and enjoy a tea , a broth … That’s why it does not have a handle, so we can hold it and warm our hands with it, pamper it and savor the moment.

, como para arropar y potenciar la calidez al no haber ángulos rectos. We wanted to make a circular design , as to wrap and enhance the warmth in the absence of right angles. muy muy suave y elegante, pero pronto ampliaremos en otros tonos. For now we are producing it in a slightly bluish transparent finish, very very soft and elegant, but soon we will expand in other shades.

, tratada simplemente con aceite de oliva. And to accompany it, nothing better than a simple Spanish birch wood dish , treated simply with olive oil.

Thus, with this product, we continue betting to enjoy the daily moments without renouncing the design, the noble materials such as ceramics and wood and handmade products.

, aciertos y desaciertos, momentos de desesperación y momentos que nos llenan de satisfacción. We have worked hard to achieve what we were looking for, design, optimal size, color and enamel tests, search of turner to make the dish … Behind each piece there are many hours of work , successes and misses, moments of despair and moments that They fill us with satisfaction. , ahora queda la otra parte, no menos importante ¿gustará lo que hemos creado? So to be able to present this result to you, it’s all a pride , now the other part is left, no less important. Will you like what we have created? Does it transmit what we have proposed? … You will say 😉

Cup made by hand by Deliving. The plate, by our turner Paco.

Photographs taken by Deliving ©

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