My map design: Magazyn

We could not leave Easter without sharing our latest discovery.

en el que vamos apuntando esas tiendas que nos maravillan y que esperamos ver algún día. It is a store that is now part of our my map design” in which we point out those stores that amaze us and that we hope to see someday.
In this case we go to Antwerp, Belgium. The store is called MAGAZYN and only the entrance makes us stop.

“Magazyn” is a word that means “warehouse” in several languages ​​and that the art director Thomas Haarman rightly chose when he founded the store. que van desde muebles, vajilla, artículos para el cuarto de baño y accesorios de oficina, todos ellos elegidos por Haarman que además se inclina claramente hacia todo lo artesanal. It is full of simple and minimalist products for the home, “less is more”, ranging from furniture, crockery, bathroom items and office accessories, all chosen by Haarman which also clearly leans towards everything handmade.

, prestando atención al detalle y los acabados, formas orgánicas potenciadas por una paleta de colores neutros, son los protagonistas de esta tienda de estilo sobrio, elegante, minimalista y con un orden muy belga. Handmade products with natural fabrics and materials and earthy tones , paying attention to detail and finishes, organic shapes enhanced by a palette of neutral colors, are the protagonists of this store sober, elegant, minimalist and with a very Belgian order .

Both for the type of products and for the decoration and style of the store, it conveys the personality of the Belgians, who made the famous architect Vincent van Duysen who said “We Belgians do not like to show off, we are discreet, we prefer to be as below from the earth, and we like durable and timeless things. ”

I can not identify more with this store philosophy!

But pass, enjoy and tell me if you like it !!

We wish you a happy ☀ Holy Week, see you around !!!

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