Marble and brass: radical elegance in a bedroom with en-suite bathroom


The beginning of the year has to be marked by purposes, if not, it is not at all a beginning of the year, or it is a denatured principle. Also, why not, it has to contain decorative purposes; thus, taking care of what we like, we will not see how our purposes stop being exciting to be deluded. I do not know which ones will be yours but, if between them you mark to give a turn of 360º to your bedroom and en-suite bathroom, be radical. Use a trend, color or texture that you love and make your sacred sanctuary speak of yourselves.

This blog is a bedroom not suitable for shy: black walls combined with pieces of marble (much easier to adapt with wallpaper or murals that mimic the texture of natural stone). Above them stand out special furniture: I was surprised by the bed with grid headboard, a very classic material that is surprisingly contemporary. Gold and black on the articulated flexo lamp on the nightstand, and brass on the polyhedral nightstand. Drawings supported on the floor, ethnic black and white design rugs and white background plates to contrast, once again, with the black wall, add more interest if possible to this bedroom.

The bathroom is not far behind: black and white mosaic in a half-height plinth, with storage furniture in sight, such as the Ikea Molger bench, and plenty of natural light, perhaps the best possible decoration.
The dandy roll continues in front, on the day bench, the classic Barcelona black leather sofa, perfect for taking off your shoes and creating an arty corner .

I have started the year intensely, and you? What change will you give to your house this year?

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