Looking for the authentic: Nordic apartment

One of the things I like most about apartments and houses with Nordic design is that they usually preserve the original elements of the houses. That is, there is an investment to maintain moldings, fireplaces, floors … etc and a clear taste for the authentic. I miss a little in that in our homes, really. I miss the possibility of accessing buildings and homes that are in the historic center of the cities, because it is impossible (impossible by theme price usually), recover those buildings and give them a new life.

Here we grow a lot horizontally. Cities grow and grow and do not look back. Thus, the helmets remain as depressed areas, with buildings that fall, and that only have in ditch for commercial low. What a pity, no?

I see this apartment, like many others we have shared on the blog during these 3 years and I think why we do not put a little more batteries to have flats and houses with other types of possibilities. Why do not we try harder to preserve and recover. Why our mentality is often that of new housing with four walls all the same. I dont know. I think about it and find it hard to find answers, really.

I leave you with the images of this apartment, which I am sure you will like …

Good Sunday (which today I am in philosophical plan, it looks).


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