Inspiration panel with mesh work


Place the projects you have in motion, the images that serve as reference for a space you want to decorate, that pretty invitation they sent you, the color palette that you will use in a room, and so, up to a thousand different things can end in an inspiration panel, a moodboard according to the English terminology and that, besides being very useful for visualizing ideas and having them at hand, is very decorative.

In black on white, in a minimalist or Nordic inspired decoration, a board of this type stands out a lot. How to do it? In basic and economic plan, you can have an inspiration panel with mesh work, the classic electrowelded mesh, which you can paint the color you want, leave the natural for a more rough effect, cut in the size you want, and it will cost you almost nothing in any large surface or warehouse of construction materials.

The kitchen is another of the spaces, in addition to the living room, a hall or the office (the most common) where the mesh of work can be very useful. Using a metal S can hang all kinds of utensils, in addition to your favorite recipes.

In addition to the mesh work, you have other options to install one of these metal grilles at home. For example, in commercial supply stores, between hangers and mannequins you can find these metal plates that are often used as store furniture.

Another option is to use a grid like the one in the lower image, used as a support for climbing plants, for sale in Ikea. I do not know if they have it right now in catalog, we must be vigilant, and open our eyes well in nurseries and garden centers, you never know if any object can double its function in the least expected place.

Under these lines, the wall of the office of the event organizer and fashion blogger (and deco, and more) Macarena Gea. Is it or is not the mesh of work a super idea?

In any case, if you do not see yourself in a construction warehouse, but do not dismiss the option of having a grid as an inspiration panel at home, be sure to visit the Urban Outfitters website, where they have this panel in copper color. Always, whatever your choice, keep in mind that the styling is the most interesting of this project: tweezers and pendants of all kinds, photography, posters, postcards, all the details contribute to make your inspiration panel a space that appeals look.

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