Ikea 2016 news. Everything revolves around the kitchen


Oh Yes! the best place in the house, the heart, is the kitchen. And around it and all that it implies, the new catalog of Ikea 2016 , which has not yet seen the light but of which I bring you an advance, goes a lot. Yes, well, in the middle of summer … what better time to relax and prepare the spaces in which we will spend the best moments of our life. In short, without becoming existentialists, but a little more “disfrutones”, we go with some images (in this case, as I was saying, from the kitchens section) of the new Ikea 2016 catalog.

A kitchen mixed with a greenhouse, can you think of a better combination for your aromatics? Since then, these from Ikea know how to create the perfect styling for their photographs. The board wall osb also seems to me a fantastic source of inspiration.

The modules with legs in sight have always seemed aesthetic to me, although perhaps the inferior space is wasted; With a good amount of meters available, the problem is minimized, and that is perhaps the secret of the images in the catalog that make us happy in the middle of July’s heat.

Modules in black and hydraulic floor, the perfect way to update the rustic style and the kitchens of the town houses (cheer up with a change or with a coat of paint, if it is your case).

The shelves in view of the upper image are a win-win when the crockery is often used, so it does not give time to accumulate dust, and works especially well when the crockery is white and everything or almost everything is paired and combined I confess, however, that the lower image, with everything stored behind doors without a handle, but with a slit for the hand, seduces me much more.

And, of course, some cuisine with a classic touch, also had to be present in the catalog. Personally I like the fact of incorporating a comfortable dining room in the kitchen, passing stools without backrest and other solutions that do not invite or recreate at breakfast.

Did you feel like the injection of Ikea news? Any “masterchef” project in mind?

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