Hide a bedroom in a closet, and other secrets of a mini-apartment


Make the office a somewhat more formal space, so that it doubles its function as a dining room, making the most of the resources of the scarce space (the TV on the wall, the white storage furniture to merge with it and create the illusion of a wider space , …) everything, everything has been put into practice in this small apartment decorated with mustard yellow and purple, a sophisticated combination thanks to the materials: leather on the armchairs, and velvet with devoré effect and taffeta on the cushions of the sofa.

The wall in front of this has been paneled in a mirror, once again to create a look with the effect of more surface and, between storage and mirrors, the bedroom has been placed, a small cubicle whose rear mirror functions as a window. The ventilation, yes, it must be through the door, but we can not deny that Peter Wilds , responsible for the interior design of this mini-apartment, undeniably has made the most of the available mertos.

If I have to highlight a corner, I’ll keep the office. I wish the hydrangeas were perennial, because I love the set. And, if I have to highlight a piece, that would be the golden brass table lamp that serves as a point of reading light next to the sofa. Fantastic!

And another little trick for small spaces. At the entrance, a module (similar or the same in Ikea) that I’m not sure if it’s living room or bathroom. I have three equal to that, but blank, in the laundry room, and they serve me for all the washing products, but taking up little space). Here, for the keys and the mail, it is more than enough.

What did you think of this mini-apartment? Sophistication in a few square meters, right?

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