I know. I recognize it. It’s very clear. It took me a long time to return, I have given a lot of laps, I have despaired with the projects that did not come out and with other things. Even, sometime (not seriously, not really, but I have considered it a bit too far …) I have hesitated and I have felt like abandoning. I am human. I admit it. And the truth, it even comes right from time to time to allow yourself that luxury, and realize that you can not reach everything and GOOD (and without feeling guilty, of course).

This is not a post of complaints. It’s a hello post. I’m already back.

Make the clown I like, and hence the cover photos of today … (Impossible to take one of those that inspire me so much when I see them, looking at infinity with the face of a blogger made and right). That is what I want to stay with and what I would like for you to stay too: with the joy it gives me to take up the publications. The blog does not work without illusion. And neither if you do not have time to think, to devise, to imagine, to create … Then, all posts end up being the same, and the dynamics in which you get yourself devours you.

But, as I was saying, this is not a post of complaints. It’s a hello post. And yes, I’m back .


It has been slow to come out, and still has programming flaws, but we are finally in the air.

You already know that I work as a graphic designer, and I believe that precisely because of that, I have taken so long to decide and start up the new image of Petite Candela. It is easy to be clear to others, but for ourselves, sometimes it costs us our lives to express ourselves and decide.

I am very happy with the result, and with the new blog.

I think it reflects very well, a little what I feel, a little what I like and a little what is to come.

Of course, we will be polishing and adding sections and things that are missing in these next weeks, but I was tired of waiting.

I have decided that things do not need to be perfect, just that they are. And period.


For months I signed the posts alone and I speak in the singular.

I guess many of you would have already realized that detail and that “something” was going on behind,

in the world that you can not see from the blog.

Before we were two, now I am in charge of this project. It has been a time of changes, of restructuring, of trying to combine … Of finding my place in this story.

Things are finally clear, and with illusion I tell you … here we go! I’m going there!


You already know those who follow the blog from the beginning, that Petite was born very linked to the subject candles, and that always (until a few months ago) were the common thread of the contents of the blog.

However, there came a time when we wanted to talk about other things, create different contents, carry out other types of projects.

Of course, from time to time we will continue having candle post,

I know that you like them, and they are part of the essence of the blog.

Petite Candela is and will continue to be a decoration blog, however, there are a thousand things that I can think of talking about. I think many may interest you.

So we will try new contents and approaches. Wishing to start.


The blog has pending goals for months.

You know, because we’ve talked about it before. No more delays. No more delays.

At this point, just tell you that in the coming weeks I will tell you and you can see and participate in everything.

I really want to finally start this new stage. You can believe me!


In this time of rest, I have received many mails with questions, others with words of affection, some of people who have worried … However, I think that those related to the project of La Decopedia, are the ones that have given me the most energy. dice.

The Decopedia will return.

And I do not want to go any further, because we are working very hard (two people have joined to make this dream come true, I will present them to you later!) So that it is as soon as possible.

Attentive bloggers DECO, because soon we are going to mess it up.

And you can believe me if I tell you that what is to come will enchant you.


me apetecía volver con un sorteo y animaros a que rellenéis este cuestionario (breve, lo prometo). I would love to hear what you like and what you have to say, I wanted to return with a raffle and encourage you to fill out this questionnaire (brief, I promise). So I can do my job better, and you, take a nice product … This precious vase by Anna Westerlund will be raffled among all those who participate.

  • Fill the form.
  • Share the image of the raffle on instagram , facebook or tweet with the text: #hellopetite raffle from @petitecandela

* The draw will end at 24:00 on Saturday, December 5 and the winner will be published on the social networks of the blog, on Sunday 6. Sortea2 tool.


Very good Sunday to all. See you tomorrow.


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