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“Four little corners have my bed, four little angels that keep it for me”.

This is the first memory I have of my childhood, my mother sitting on the edge of my bed, wrapping and praying together this precious prayer, before turning off the light.

I perfectly imagined my bed and four plump little angels in it !!! That’s why for me, getting into my bed, it’s always been like getting to that place where one is safe, warm and where the problems disappear.

For this reason, I think of the importance of creating a cozy atmosphere in a children’s room. That space will be the first contact of a baby with the world, and in that room you will have your first memories.

Today there are many options to design and decorate a children’s bedroom, from those who opt to create a room that seems like a story, to other very simple but ideal super practices to adapt to the needs of the child as they change.

deben estar pensados para que el niño que lo habite, lo sienta como su lugar. In my opinion, children’s rooms should be designed so that the child who inhabits it, feels it as their place. Where his toys should be, his clothes, his bed … That will bring security to the child and desire to be in that space, designed for him.

I imagine that decorating a bedroom for a baby or a child is not an easy task. As I said, we should maintain a balance between a practical and functional design and a more creative design.

son una muy buena opción, tanto para paredes como para los muebles, y siempre podremos ir añadiendo toques de color con los textiles y pequeños elementos de decoración. Light colors are a very good option, both for walls and furniture, and we can always add touches of color with textiles and small decoration elements. Colors can greatly influence the mood, so let’s avoid strong and strident colors, creating a neutral and relaxed atmosphere.

para decorar una habitación con un presupuesto económico. There is no need to give up design to decorate a room with a budget. There are many options and manufacturers for all pockets. Keep in mind that curved shapes can always be better if we want to avoid hitting children with corners or furniture tips.

para poder tanto sacar sus juguetes, libros y ropa, como poder guardarlos y recoger su habitación, que no está nada mal que aprendan desde pequeños a mantener el orden en sus cosas. And as it is going to be your room, we must think that they have to get to the shelves and closets to be able to take out their toys, books and clothes, as well as to save them and pick up their room, which is not bad that they learn from small to keep order in your things.

que está en camino, yo no pretendería tener hasta el último adorno listo antes de que él llegue a su hogar. And finally, if you are preparing the room for the baby that is on the way, I would not pretend to have every last ornament ready before he gets home. Let the time and practice you create needs and you can go adapting to the changes.

As I always say, we discover the needs of a house when we have lived in them for a while.

I hope I have helped you to put some basic things that can be useful when facing the challenge of decorating a room for the little ones.

What a desire to be small!

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