DIY: Table-board (preparing Christmas)


Well, this DIY is for Christmas , or for when it comes to us well and we feel like it. Actually, I have been so “excited” with the experience of the transfer, that I am already crazy thinking about new ideas to decorate, and as I say, with Christmas or without Christmas in between. And is that, rarely a craft has been as nice as this time. We already know that life is not as Pinterest as it should be, but today I promise you that the result is worth it.

Last week he published on the blog all the photos of this Christmas table idea in lowcost and simple plan . The protagonist, in fact, is a spectacular underplate of bonito of the firm Villeroy & Boch. On the table we put more elements of the brand, but everything has revolved around that piece, from the type of food to the elements with which we decorate. That’s why, for the beauty of its flowers, we finally decided to do “something” with them.

I really wanted to try the transfer to wood and does not disappoint. I encourage you to try. The board was great, the work is very simple (nothing to be experts in DIY) and you have it ready from one day to the next (or the time it takes to dry).

As I was saying, we decided that the drawing of our board would be the flowers of the pizza plate . For this, from the web itself we capture the image (or right button on it, and “save as”) and download it to the computer.

The truth is that it does not matter that it does not have enough resolution, because the transfer to wood is even more beautiful if the drawing is not clear and “perfect” .

So, in that sense you should not worry.

Since the idea was to arrange the flowers a bit on our own, we did not take into account the size of the print. The idea was to cut by groups and put them to our liking.

Two important things when applying this technique: the drawing must be in “mirror” (or later you will find it in reverse) and that the impression must be in laser. Essential!

As I told you, once we have the drawing on paper, we “present” it. In our case, we were simply cutting flowers and placing them by the edge of the board to frame it.
The “Xmas time”, we had it in several tpogradías and sizes to be able to prove which we liked more.

Advice: make good use of paper. It always helps to have extra drawings.

We already have on the board the cut out drawings, face down and in the place that we want to fix them. Now it’s time to take a brush and apply the transfer to the printed side.

Before putting them in place, we extend an extra hand of transfer on the wood to help us achieve better results.

Let it dry (for example, until the next day)

While we wait, we can do some more DIY to complete our table .

By painting them with spray we cover imperfections and we give them the air of a party. We can do it in a ventilated place and inside a box (thus we do not stain with the dust). When one side dries, let’s paint the next … Easy.

With things we have at home, we can create garlands and other ornaments handmade with much charm.

A few hours later and with the dry transfer, now we simply have to wet it . We use a sponge and rubbing gently we remove all the paper.

It was surprising to see that the drawing was fixed and that it had come out … Hahaha (like pups!).

The flowers were great, and although some were erased a little when rubbing the paper, the truth is that it improved the result. It almost seemed “real”. However, the typography remained regular, so we cheated by revising with a permanent black marker.

It’s a simple trick, and easy to do.


With this post I encourage you to participate in # DiarioDECO18 , that nobody miss this holiday with Christmas inspiration! What an eagerness I had to join the band and more if they are Christmas!

Good wednesday!


Photography by Home Design

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