A couple of months ago, I published a very special DIY for the El Mueble magazine: a macramé bag of the lowest cost and with a simple design, but which looks great in almost any space. Girls (and boys! I know that someone is out there!) Macrame is back and I love it. You know, of those tendencies that are love at first sight and you can not stop following them.

I’ve been with macramé for months now, and the truth is that it was difficult for me to find someone who could teach me. When I was little, with my mother, I remember that I knotted the knots (back in the 80’s, as many will remember it was the most, but then it happened to a better life!) In fact, I remember the typical macramé to hang plants on the terraces as a “ranciada” … Vueltas that gives life, no ??) and we spent hours with the subject. Hooks up. And a lot. It is simple, requires concentration (but fair), make you disconnect from worries and also, when you finish, you feel happy to have been able to do something beautiful, DIY (and baratito!) For home.

Summarizing! That I’m “inlove” with this technique. Hahaha!

I leave the photos of the B-version of the tutorial that came out in his day at El Mueble.

If you want to take a look at the original you can do it here!

At the end of the post, the knots (simple, set in the GIF) that I used).

Cheer up, because you’ll love it 🙂

Happy Monday!


Psss, psssss !!! And if you do not know where to hang this rack, there are a few ideas: at the entrance of the house, in the kitchen to leave some utensil, hang a plant, etc, in the bedroom to unload clothes, in the bathroom to leave silent … I’m still ???

Surely you already have a corner in mind 🙂

I think you can perfectly understand the dynamics of the knots watching the GIFs, but if you have doubts, leave me a comment and I’ll solve them.

They are only two different knots, very simple. And the only thing we need for this DIY macrame rack is cotton rope (but if you want to try other is also great) and a stick, if drift wood is much better (always looks more beautiful with a wood that is “special” “and transmit us a memory, for example, of that day that we took from the beach).

But if you do not have beach stick by hand (which would be the most normal!), A bazaars find sticks that can come well (the crafts are perfect, but if you want a larger one, the brooms are great! Eye, what glamor !! hahaha!).

I said … Encourage you to try! 🙂


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