DIY – Decorate your cups with nail polish!


The Christmas season is approaching (yes, even if you get hot); Although we do not realize that there are still weeks to start with all the Christmas decoration paraphernalia, the truth is that it is just around the corner. You can do two things: ignore it as you have always done, or put the batteries as I did this year for the first time (putting the tree in November does not count). Every year at this time I think that I would like to be able to make personalized gifts , that are not for a simple purpose but that materialize in something done by myself, and the other day I found a tutorial to decorate cups with nail polish and I could not resist.

It’s so easy, you can not say no. And, besides, I’m going to tell you the tricks so that it fits you better than me. To start, you will need nail polish (which is quite liquid), the color you prefer. A plastic container-note that it will end up in the garbage-a few sticks (this is the secret component, I did not have them on hand and I would have given more play when removing the enamel), hot water and cups what you want to paint

All you have to do is put hot water in the plastic container; Pour a few drops of nail polish and quickly move the paint with a toothpick. At that time, place the base of the cup in the water, et voilà, the tour slightly and you have your cups painted . Two warnings: these cups can not be cleaned in the dishwasher, they have to be washed by hand with care and, on the other hand, I recommend painting-glazing only the bottom of the cup, so that the mouth does not come into contact with the pintauñas when you go to drink.

The truth is that the result, as you can see, is very showy; imagine making a set of six pieces, each one with a different color … I love the waters drawn by the nail polish on the base of the mug; and there are no two the same! To complete the gift (think of your office colleagues, the people you appreciate and with whom you want to have a detail), you can put some good homemade cookies (which you have made, of course), or a few colored pencils, and close with a bag of kraft paper – let the imagination flow! The possibilities, of course, are endless

And, if you liked the theme of personalizing cups , I give you some more ideas. For example, slate-finished mugs , where each family member can write their name, or a morning message, or cups with that special photo that you do not get tired of looking at and taking a look at. In the web of chapea you can buy as many cups as you need -for your family, for your friends, to celebrate a birthday or for whatever you want-, and you can customize them to your liking. Or combine two techniques, starting with a personalized cup (for example, with a good phrase to start 2016), and then with your special contribution, decorating the base with enamel.

How about? Betting on personalized gifts?

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