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Good Morning! Today plays a post of the most spring. And lately, I just want to open doors and windows and let the sun go home. I really have “monkey” of good weather, and that the decoration reflects my mood and the change of season, which is already here.

Many times we get lazy (to me the first, for the record). However, everything is to start. One starts by changing a room vase, buying a couple of details (which do not yet have their place, but we have loved) and moving the entire house . Has it ever happened to you? It gives me yes.

Well, what a mess. Flowers everywhere, because nothing gives me more good vibes than plants and green . It is a simple and low-cost way to transform the sensations of a space. Buy some details that accompany them (vases, bowls, branches …) and some other caprice ( as an auxiliary, textiles and cushions with floral details, tablecloths, paintings …) will leave the house renovated. Today, some tips and a selection of beautiful products by the hand of Westwing , who makes it easy from his online shop and brings it directly to our house (with postage paid from € 50 !!!!).

The good weather is here. We look outward and see spring everywhere.

I do not know about you, but with the arrival of the sun, I begin to cheer up and feel like organizing dinners with family or friends. However, around here in the north, you still want to eat in the interior because of a temperature issue.

But we do not have to do without flower decoration without being in the garden or terrace. Putting a beautiful center, with lots of green, colorful branches, and a good vase, we will bring the change of season to our dining rooms.

The corners with flowers can be created anywhere in the house.

The truth is that I particularly like them in the entrance areas, halls, halls … Maybe because they look more and are usually rooms where we share time with ours (so “nice” is not only for us) .

If it happens to you like me, I am a real disaster with the plants (although I have to say that the last one that I have encouraged to buy is still alive and kicking), we can always choose dry, artificial flowers, or green branches. That already at your choice. But if you really want to give a glass to the house, the best thing is that they have a lot of color.

If they are fresh, a good glass vase will always be a perfect ally 🙂


It is true, I just said, I prefer to put the bouquets and flowers in common rooms, but is that having a couple of twigs on the bedside table, is one of those “irresistible” things and also, we get well priced .

In the bedroom, we can afford to decorate with flowers in many corners: on the chest of drawers, next to the bed, on shelves, on a desk (if we have one), on the window ledge …

A vase, and a couple of DECO complements will give a renewed air to the room.


More spring, impossible! Will someone sign up?

Very good Thursday.)


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