Color trends in decoration 2018: the colors that will triumph


Yes, it is already released and it is a pleasure to meet you personally but now comes the key question that interests us all of us who love decoration: what will you bring us in terms of decoration, dear new year? In what colors are we going to decorate? What are the decoration and color trends for 2018 ?

Terracotta, siena, red: earth tones with reddish tints are gaining interest in the decoration of 2018. Oxidized tints, deep kettle tones that combine perfectly with ceramic accessories and accessories.

In the upper image, Rustikk Terracotta and, in the lower one, Whispering Red, both of Jotun paintings.

– The Millennial Pink combined with Bordeaux is the continuation of a very marked trend in terms of color, that of the rose that has been the absolute protagonist of the decoration during this year. The chromatic scale becomes warmer although it is combined with cold materials such as marble, white or gray with very marked vein, and in XL panels, if we can choose.

Deep blue or night blue : the sofas , armchairs and poufs leave the neutral tones, the grays, the moles and the faded and super versatile and super practical colors in color. Everything revolves around color when it comes to decorating a room; with colors such as deep blue, the shapes of each of the upholstered pieces stand out, inverting the classic rule of accenting with cushions or complements. If we want to accentuate, we will do it in a big way, and on the sofa is the key to doing it.

From the Millennial Pink to the lilac : another natural transformation before we get saturated with the pink is to take it to another tone, different but equally attractive, and the hunters of tendencies seem to have agreed that it is some lilac tone, or even of amethyst. We see it in these fantastic carpets by Doshi Levien for Kettal, the Geometrics collection:

The color of the year for Bruguer is called Palo de Rosa (risking less … and again combined with browns or burgundy):

while Valentine risks and gives everything for the amethyst:

Greener, more greenery : plants are a great resource to decorate; you will see them decorating the walls vertically, hanging from the ceiling or in any creative way, and also in walls, textiles and furniture. The dry green combines with an intense fir green something less “jewel” than hitherto; The emerald color that has been trending becomes more serene. Green on green, in almost all versions.

The world of interior design does not stop evolving, although it does gradually and although, as in fashion, the trends are introduced with timidity until one of them becomes massive and reaches the shelves of the minimum section of furniture or decoration that may have the hypermarket on duty. When the tendency is already able to conquer those spaces, it is so implemented that it borders on its own exhaustion. Meanwhile, we will see her colonize trend and deco fairs, images and Pinterest images.

Fortunately, the process is not as fast as in fashion, nor does it happen so fast. Just as when we talk about personal style at the time of dressing, in interior design plays an important role the pre-existence (it is not so easy to get rid of everything we have at home and start from scratch every season), and the tastes of each. tendencias de color 2018 . Adapting the trends to us, staying with what we like and making it work in our home is the fun part of this analysis, more pleasant than exhaustive, of all 2018 color trends .

What is your trend? Why color would you give it all this season?

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