Color inspiration: the fashion tones you'll want for your home


In decoration, as in life, we must free ourselves from prejudices, risk leaving the path traced, from our comfort zone of white color, and look for our own path. The color transmits emotions to unsuspected limits, and changing the colors of the house can be (and I am sure that it will be), a very important liberation and renovation exercise. Metaphysics aside, changing colors basically means that, renewal, and who of you does not like to change what you have around according to your mood?

Spring is going to be the perfect excuse to carry it out. And, in that sense, I arrive with news. Recently I was lucky enough to participate in the presentation of the new color cards of the Jotun brand. If you are attentive to the Ministry of Deco instagram, you could see the color coordinations that they showed us, and that they obey three main tendencies: Nordic Living, Urban Living and Continental Living. All three are the result of the work of analysis of trends and global inspiration collected by their color experts, translated into a range of colors perfectly coordinated with each other and whose combinations, which perhaps a priori we would not have considered, are quite evocative.

Analyzing the three, I wanted to present Urban Living, with colors like the Deco Pink, in the image above these lines (attention to the plinth created with the painting, which does not reach the ceiling, and that creates a perfectly contemporary soft box combined with art and some pieces of contemporary or twentieth century design). Under these lines, the color Mist and Velvet Gray, a mix of persimmon and gray very calm on which highlight any piece of furniture or decoration in light colors.

In the image above, the green Pale Green of Jotun creates a soft atmosphere and is combined with the shelf, painted in Evergreen. Taking advantage of the calm freshness that transmits, let me take the time to add the chair Superleggera to my wish list :-).

For more references, in the first image of the post, the staircase is painted with the Skylight tone, while the wall background (with the picture of the flamingos) looks the color Delightful Pink, The still life of the image that continues the post is painted with the Mist tone, while the wall of the minimalist dining room that accompanies it is painted in Dusty Red, the white wall in Skylight and the stools in Deco Pink color.

For a long time, pink has stopped being frivolous and only feminine to become a very contemporary neuter, do you already know where to paint with it?

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