Christmas around the corner


For more days of the wished ones that I hung the cartelito of closed for vacations. If you follow me on Instagram , you will have seen that Morocco has left a mark on me; What’s more, I would say that the leisurely pace of the free days has changed the chip a bit, and little by little I’m recovering the intensity again.
And I found myself, almost suddenly, with Christmas. Although I started with the tree and it was still November, the truth is that when the last month of the year comes, the maelstrom of events does not let me think much about the rest of the decoration.

But it does not matter. The casual decoration also attracts me! The one of the images of this entry is not at all; In fact, the perfection of styling is to simulate it when we all know that behind each photo there is a very “natural” disposition. But I start the weekend toasting for those unthought-of groups, for those still lifes that we create by putting things here and there and for that pleasure of being at home, in our own way, and without complications.

Well, when in doubt, put candles!
Happy weekend 🙂


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