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A few days ago, when they contacted the blog Garnier guys, the truth is that I could not believe it … Very excited about the possibility of collaborating with a brand with so much experience and we all know, but at the same time time, somewhat cautious. And, I always think a lot about you, those who pass by the blog, when accepting collaborations … I was wondering if it fit with what you expect from the blog and what I usually publish. If it would be out of place in a DECO blog, or if it would provide value (which is always the case).

However, just after receiving the info of the campaign, I could not be more happy and amazed! And it is that the new range of products of Garnier, Original Remedies , proposed me a great challenge: stop a moment, reflect, think calm and share in the blog those moments that I consider authentic. The real ones. Those that I treasure now and I keep for tomorrow. And that I really wanted and a lot. That’s perfect to close chapter before the holidays :).

Because in the end, we are a little what we are deciding on a day to day basis. In every little detail. Take care of our people, take care of ourselves, take care of what we eat and drink, pamper our body, attend to the basics and forget about so many things that overwhelm us every day. Original Remedies is the hair line that returns to the original, to those ingredients of the soaps from before . Those who take care of us and do not harm our skin, or our environment. The lifelong remedies, let’s go: honey, clay with lemon … Goodbye to so much chemistry (we will not miss you!).

And that’s what this post is about. My little contribution to this philosophy that I join without thinking: live the slow life. But really the good one. It’s time to stop along the way to look back and summarize what are important and real things in my life. I do not know about you, but I’m excited about this type of “vital instantaneous lists”. In fact, I loved going over the Instagram of the blog (all the photos I share in the post are from this social network, because in the background, my wall is full of authentic moments that I value) and go collecting and capturing memories. Things that I have felt and feel mine, and that are always there.

Stay with the truth, eliminate ingredients that bind us and are only artifice, take care of the essential because it is more authentic, is what ultimately frees us.

I feel it this way and every day I have it more clear. In all aspects of life.

There are many moments, as I said, that have moved me to review the Instagram photos, however, without a doubt, those who take me out a bigger smile are the ones I share with my guys. I can not live without them. It’s that simple.

A giant pooch with my child …
A sloppy mime for my dog ​​…
A mom come now …
A little boy fighting to snuggle in your bed at night … Oh, how scary!
A #perritoloco that sleeps always by your side
Some meatballs that burn … Luke eats it, mom!
One minute when they are kids and the next, they get older …

Unconditional and seamless love that knows no limits 🙂 Authentic!

The truth is in the little things. Every day I have it more clear.

Before, for years (I’m not sure why) I always thought about what would come next … It’s hard to explain, but even if I was living something great, deep down, I had my mind on the following.

Better late than never, today I have clear that eat those first strawberries in season, see your little goose and create a character from nothing, have a cake in a café in Berlin … These are the moments that are worth . I never tire of them 🙂
And what comes next, well that will come: later!

Sometimes, the best corners, the most impressive, the authentic, we have them around the corner . On many occasions we complain (I the first) of the lack of time and resources to go far and disconnect … Anyway.

Paradise can be two minutes from home, you just have to discover it.

Lately I’m very involved in that philosophy and I do not want to lose more things in front of the computer screen, holding onto a broom, or making kitchens …

I have very clear what things are that I can not skip at the end of the day (we’ll see what lasts).

Basically, it is like this: we are all a bit eclectic if we want to be true to ourselves.

Anyone who has decorated several houses and already has a certain age knows it.

You do not like the same thing at 20 as at 30. I do not want to tell you at 60.

Nor do we have the same vital needs.

However, some pieces, those that fell in love with our hearts, we do not want to lose them and we drag them moving after moving, change after change.

We update them, adapt them, paint them, reupholster them and … perfect!

For me, what really matters in DECO is to be true to oneself. Meet.

Adapt fashion and the trend of the moment to what we are and what we need.

I think that is the secret to not get bored of our house 🙂

I loved sharing this kind of personal post with you.
I think that going back to the origins, to the natural things, working with our hands (you know that I am a total fan of DIY) is an added value in a time where we can find everything done.
That’s why this Original Remedies campaign I like and share your idea:
the original is what we were needing 🙂


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