Aesthetic shared in the reform of a kitchen and a bathroom


Maintaining coherence between one room and another, when it comes to renovating a home, is a challenge, especially if it happens to you as I do, that you like so many different styles that it is difficult to decide to go one way. When you have the expert and external hand of an interior designer, who visualizes for you the global image that the house will breathe, the risk is minimized. That is why I liked the reform of this bathroom and this kitchen of an apartment in Prague, Starting with the warmth of the walnut tree, the geometric minimalism of the hexagonal white mosaic, and with the luxe touch provided by a gold-plated brass table sink, or the metallic effect tile of the kitchen, the union and the cohesion of the two rooms, bathroom and kitchen, is ensured.

Very funny the effect of the round mirror of the bathroom that hides slightly behind the shelf. I also stay with the lighting under the vanity unit, which accentuates the fact that it is suspended, and that the Tolomeo flexo leaves the room and enters a space for which it was not intended. Respecting the minimum distances to the water area, there is no reason why not use it, as they have done in this project.

The kitchen is made to teach, to prepare cocktails, to show off. But also for everything else. Not being open to the living room and using codes of other furniture has to be, necessarily, little useful because the truth is that it is distributed in a way that makes the most of the space and I am sure that it also has enough storage capacity. The combination of the brightness of the tile (I see myself there cleaning mussels and drinking white wine and I reach microseconds of imaginative happiness) and the fluted wood of the furniture is absolutely delicious.

Is the luxury of materials the recipe for happiness? 🙂

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