A Nordic apartment with three dining rooms + shopping to get the style


Without knowing the exact square meters of this Danish apartment, what we can deduce is that its owners give a lot of importance to eating as a family, or working at home, in one of the three dining rooms they have: the first of them, the office of the kitchen, is equipped with a library Billy of Ikea, a classic to which the doors have been painted black to achieve a very enriching contrast effect. In this kitchen dining room, a table with wide planks and old Tólix mark the vintage style that pervades the entire house.

With the renovation of the apartment, the original kitchen furniture was not affected, but it did change a lot with paint, with a whitening patina that left them with a more modern look.

In the living room, a new space to sit and gather around the table. Here the contrast of styles is very evident and it works: the sixties lines of the chairs seem to create a great dialogue with the turned legs of the inheritance table. The living room has a scandalously beautiful leather sofa that the owner found in an auction (it always looks good with a Beni Ouarain rug), and with a Sputnik lamp of sixties aftertaste, to link with the dining room chairs.

The bedroom, how could it be otherwise, is the redoubt of calm: soft duvet, comfortable headboard, linen bedding (the wrinkle, here, is beautiful), and a wink of humor with the light that gives you good morning

In the second living area, the back wall has been painted in dark gray, getting highlighted on it the sofa with chaise longue in light gray. To compensate for the volume, an armchair in pink with a gray cushion creates an imperfect symmetry with the opposite cushion of the sofa.

And, finally, the exterior: an area more than pleasant to use much of the year thanks to its enclosure. The transparent roof allows the passage of light and makes it possible to eat outside without worrying about the cold. The Danish summer I imagine that it does not give many more options. On this terrace there are three corners: an outdoor dining room, a sofa-bench area and a sunbathing area with armchairs. What do you think? Do we keep it?

I like the perfect compensation of feminine touches and masculine touches, how easy it must be to live and how relaxing each of your stays is. Print a vivid, comfortable and chic touch to the spaces is one of the premises of the decoration in this house, beyond trends because, without going any further, merges all styles. If you like it, do not miss the selection of nordic-chic shopping with retro and industrial touches (there is nothing) that you have just under these lines:

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