A glam bedroom and a low-cost idea for the dressing room

Only suitable for daring (although it is not necessary to be so), this bedroom seems to continue the white-gold line -with touches of black-, from the previous post . The project is a very feminine bedroom that, beyond global aesthetics, attracts me by the combination of colors, as I have already mentioned, and by the symmetry of chests of drawers that work as bedside tables, with six printed sheets on each side of bed. A good place to organize family images, black and white photos or drawings, and look at them and take them back before going to sleep.

Another idea that I love about this glam bedroom, if not the most, is the flowered shelf with drawers that serves as a dressing table. A solution applicable to any decorative style, and that is suitable for unused areas in the bedroom.

And a plus, which does not correspond to this bedroom, but to the low-cost idea for the dressing that I promised in the title of the post. If you are one of those who prepare the clothes that are going to wear the next day, or those that prepare an event locating dress, stilettos and touched more than two weeks before, surely a hanger will come well to complete, yes, with hangers pretty 😉 The idea is simple, it is about literally flip a support in L to hang shelves on the wall. Afterwards, you can lacquer it in the color you prefer. The shelf support of the lower image is lacquered in gold, suitable for bedrooms like the one above. I have a pending monographic of bedrooms in white with metallic touches 🙂

Spring is the ideal time to change, renew and turn around any room in the house. If you dare, tell us your plans!

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