A DIY idea to give away at the last minute


If you still have a little bit of free time before tomorrow, maybe you want to do your part to make the breakfast of Reyes even more special, if possible. The one I propose here today is an easy gift, a DIY that anyone can do, that will take you a short time and for which you need few utensils. The idea is to write with adhesive letters the name of the person you want, or a couple of words, or the city of your next destination, … and with that you create a personalized, easy, economical gift and, of course, , will carry your seal.

I saw a similar idea on Pinterest a long time ago and now I have decided to put it into practice. You will only need white cups, adhesive labels and porcelain markers. The first step is to place the stickers on the clean cups, …

Then, starting from the labels, start drawing points, more or less close to these, to end up creating a smooth gradient.

The last step is to put the cups in the oven without preheating, for 30 minutes at 150º (in any case, following the instructions of the manufacturer of the pen for ceramics and porcelain).

Et voilà! The churros, or the Roscón, or the cereals, … anything will taste better in a personalized cup. I keep them to the girls for tomorrow, but I think that this idea I will apply for other occasions, for example filling the cup with sweets and wrapping in a transparent cellophane. It’s a good idea to give to co-workers, January promises to be hard!

Images: Ministry of Deco

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