A creative recipe in the kitchen

Any recipe to implement this weekend? How would you like to put it into practice in this non-kitchen? Well, the definition is not entirely correct, because the kitchen is in all its dimensions … what happens is that it is somewhat hidden, and it is something mutant. It is a project of the creative Tres Tastos , for a house that already has a kitchen, which is in use during the summer, and that needed a culinary space on the sunniest first floor, suitable for the cold months. The work surface is multiplied thanks to a sliding table that moves to be next to the window, overlooking the sea.

The functionality is undeniable, and the aesthetics in line with the rest of the stay, too. I love the wall storage that is hidden behind wide sliding doors; it is rarely possible to keep all utensils at bay but, in this way, visual cleaning is ensured,

Maybe we could call it Nouvelle Cuisine , right? 😉

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