A bedroom for a beach apartment + shopping online

Current, neutral, relaxed, easy to clean and very comfortable. Those are the premises that we handle in the decoration of this beach apartment, and these that I show you are the advances in the master bedroom. A simple face wash to eliminate the vanilla color of the walls, as of the 90s, and to return to the bedroom today. The starting point was the Nordic cover in light taupe, with a large turquoise motif, from Burrito Blanco . I have collaborated with the brand on other occasions and I have to say that the quality of its products is unsurpassed: natural and very fresh fabrics, super comfortable to skin contact. I always say the same thing; we may not have a luxury home, but there are certain luxuries that are affordable and that make us appreciate the moments with all our senses: shower under a large sprinkler, walk barefoot on a soft carpet, or sleep with the best sheets, do not give up never to that!

The headboard is synthetic leather braided effect, as I said, comfortable to clean especially considering it is a second home. The tables with legs in a vane have the air of traditional nautical decoration, but being lacquered in white they are lighter. The lacquered steel fixtures are oscillating to direct the light towards the ceiling or the floor indistinctly. The bedside lamps have a simple foot with the touch of copper and gray screens like the headboard.

In this photo you can see the detail of the Burrito Blanco duvet cover, I have not managed to iron it as I wanted so much to teach it, but I’m sure you appreciate the print well. The bedroom is not finished, a lot of details are missing, a dresser, other carpets for the feet of the bed, etc., but little by little we are completing. I hope you like it!!

Duvet cover: White burrito – here
Coffee tables: Amazon
Headboard : Ventamueblesonline
Night lamps: Maisons du Monde
Armchair: Ventamueblesonline

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