5 DIY Christmas (quickies and singles)



Good Morning! With half a country (and its own body … hahaha!) In Christmas-mode, the truth is that it’s too lazy to get to work … For those of us who still have outstanding issues and the active blog (my case, let’s go) that makes to put my batteries in the morning costs me my life … Come on, normal and what happens to us all.

However, the blog has returned wanting to publish and share things. As I said in yesterday’s post, I have a lot of “backward” content and I want to leave, so what I will do these days is to leave everything scheduled to keep updating daily, and rest a little.

The good, what I told you, that I will not leave behind any post of the intended … The bad, that in the end I’m always with an “eye pending on the blog” and not just take a vacation at 100%. I do not care. This coming year there are many projects and nice things and I want to start now.

Christmas handmade, which is the coolest!

Happy Wednesday.


The first DIY, this one that goes to make stars with volume, is the simplest!

Cardboard, scissors, glue … And some kids who give us a hand to make these stars result in a little while …

This garland, easy, easy, easy …

The idea is to bend circles (to be perfect is necessary to have a die, but if we do not have we can use scissors …) on a thread-string-loop … (what we want) and ready.

In the picture they use wrapping paper from previous years.

Good idea and lowcost.

These ornaments made with wooden balls ,

They can look good on the tree, as shown in the image.

Actually, they do not seem “too Christmas ” and they could stay all year decorating the house … Do not you think?

The truth is that right now, with the beautiful designs we have for parties (in straws) you can do many things with this type of “stationery”

These pendants of geometric shapes are ideal for the tree …

This last DIY is great for those who are bored with your tree ornaments .

They are handmade balls, made with gift papers and with simple details

(such as small beads and colored balls).

An idea that can also be done with the children of the house 🙂

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