10 ideas of Christmas decoration for a Christmas of 10

es un gran cubo blanco que realza cada una de las piezas, la mayoría de estilo vintage industrial, con las que lo ha amueblado. The house of the stylist and photographer Lene Sams ø is a large white cube that enhances each of the pieces, most of them vintage industrial style, with which she has furnished it. Perfect spaces to enjoy Christmas in company, from which we can extract some good ideas of Christmas decoration in natural key. So let’s go with those 10 Christmas decoration ideas with which to create the ideal atmosphere at home these holidays:

1. Natural decoration with dry branches : with some branches, interlaced with each other, and hung from the ceiling, you can focus your attention on the classic Christmas gathering point, the dining room table. Between the lamps or replacing them if you have no point of light in this area, you can create a very sculptural decoration and, for example, hang simple white ceramic ornaments. Ceramic decorations are very easy to make using clippers.

2. Create ornaments with paper: in addition to ceramics, you can make snowflakes, stars, … put the batteries with the Christmas origami , always in white, to decorate the Christmas table.

3. Add candles, many candles . In white too, if you do not want to abandon the monochromatic scheme so typical of natural or rustic decoration. They look great placed directly on the table, without a tablecloth. The perfect style with candles goes through using different thicknesses and different heights.

4. Make the dining room the center of interest , especially if the table has an impressive board, made of solid wood, like that of the images. Industrial style, with patina and character, are the tables that I found recently on the web of pib home; It is worth taking a look at your selection of furniture and, more specifically, that of vintage industrial tables . At Christmas it is essential to set up the dining room to receive family and friends, and to make interminable evenings of conversation and games.

5. It incorporates an extra warmth : wool blankets, peluditos cushions, … accessorizes the lounge area to be very appetizing and warm. That you do not have a fireplace? No problem, look on Youtube a Christmas jazz video, with hypnotizing images of flames, accompanied by the soft crackle of the trunks. You just need the plaid flannel pajamas 😉

6. Dose the green : the natural fir is everything in terms of Christmas decoration, and is so symbolic that it does not need more ornamentation. If you do not want to invest in a natural fir because after the holidays you fear that it dries and you do not have where to transplant it, do not give up the fresh touch of a natural branch. This year we bought a large branch in a nursery, and with it we have made several ornaments. Take them to a corner of the room, to the hall, create a crown for the door, … the possibilities are endless.

7. Share the Christmas spirit: make cookies, chocolates, natural ornaments, … and give them away, complete with them your Christmas card and share, why not, also a glass of wine in the kitchen and a good conversation.

8. Take Christmas to every corner: in the image below, a very simple work space, also of industrial style, with a metal chair and a study table with easels. The rest of the year, the space is a little more sparse but, at Christmas, when decorating it with a tree of branches, it gains a

9. Invest in special pieces : nobody bitter a sweet … nor a whim. A bowl of fine porcelain, a star-shaped fountain (like the one in the picture), a tray to serve the sweets, napkin rings, some small plates for bread, … Christmas is the perfect moment (and excuse) to go increasing the collection of pieces to serve. Surely you want to organize more appointments at home if you have a special item that, in addition, will always remind you of this time of year.

10. And relax : Christmas is to enjoy. If it stresses you, it’s a little less Christmas, so your house these days also has to be a haven of peace: aromatizes with cinnamon, orange or mistletoe, all a balm for the senses. Take a break … and start preparing for the next dinner 😉


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